limited vinyl edition of 500 copies

written and produced by Hexenschuss

Mixed by Uri Frost, Tel-Aviv

Recorded at studio de zwarte molen, Amsterdam

Formats: LP/ CD/ Digital

Available on Major digital distribution platforms online.

cover photography by Rob Gradisen

© 2017


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"Great moral seriousness from the realm of the upmarket noise meets cheerful and destructive anarchy from the children's room" (Der Standard / AT)


"Repetition of compelling atmospheres and the use of dense sound perfect the identity of the project,singular, without norms apart from those that it shapes itself" (Muzzart / FR)


"Their sound is a whole new chapter of electronic dance-music genre" (Terapija / HR)


..It sounds like a clock; Great production and all tracks are touching and in your face. Hexenschuss clearly does not focus on club hits, although a great deal of this album would not be misunderstood on an underground dance party" (Written in music NL)

"Gobbledegook, runs the gamut from off beat electronica through almost post rock atmospheres to what can only be described as ‘playful’ industrial moments"  (Echoes and dust / UK)


"Destabilising, disturbing but radical and captivating"   ..."the two composers give birth to an art of blackness unpublished before, viscous and burning like bitumen"(Indiemusic / FR)


"Complex rhythms embedded in a simple beat that wander through the brutal sweetness of a cinematic darkness, not appropriating any existing genre and gracefully move through almost all of them" (Bodyspace / PT)

"..Hexenschuss' music is constantly in search of new frontiers, with the hypnotic certainty that there are no definite forms incapable of being decomposed and with unshakable faith in the elevating capacity of repetitive structures, to which rugged elements of suspension are constantly thrown in.." (RUM Radio PT)

"Gobbledegock is an easily assimilate album that overcomes barriers between genres and manages to entice any music lover to listen to it in its entirety" (Threshhold magazine PT)

Chain D.L.K / Maurizio Pustianaz


"The tracks are mid tempo energetic monsters that evolve little by little like a feeling of growing pain just to end with a blast and listening to the whole album different times in a row create a particular effect of suspension in time. They use melodies and rhythms but you aren’t able to focus on them as you’re floating into their magmatic sound ready to take another ride.."




limited vinyl edition of 300 copies

written and produced by Hexenschuss

mixed and mastered by Uri Frost, Tel-Aviv

recorded at Chaosmoon studio, Amsterdam


cover by Felicia von Zweigbergk

© 2014

Written in music / Edwin Hofman


"Hexenschuss makes threatening music that never loses its beauty... a sound with a haunting and electrifying drama... controlled noise that occasionally pitching and bouncing.."